The Dirty Nil X Town Brewery

On Sept 2, 2020, Town Brewery partnered up with Hamilton-based power trio The Dirty Nil with the goal of supporting Water Security projects in local Indigenous Communities.  On brew day the guys also graced us with an acoustic performance down by the lake...which was awesome...check it out on the Town Brewery IGTV here.

Amp-blowing, JUNO Award-winning trio The Dirty Nil have embraced, torn down, and then reinvented the quintessential rock ‘n’ roll star archetype for years. Recently, the band announced the title of their hotly anticipated new album, Fuck Art, set for release New years Day 2021 via Dine Alone Records. The Dirty Nil’s third full-length is an unabashed concoction of classic-rock heroism, pop-punk horsepower, ‘80s indie scrappiness, ‘90s alterna-crunch, and speed-metal adrenaline.


The resulting brew from this collaboration is called Doom Boy, named after the latest single from their new album.  It is a crushable lager with a light Galaxy dry-hop to add a refreshing complexity that will satisfy even the nerdiest of craft beer lovers.

"'Doom Boy' is one of my favourite songs we've ever made. It's an ode to chivalry and thrash itself, and yes, it's my Mom's Dodge Caravan," said frontman Luke Bentham. 



For this Community Collaboration, the band chose an organization to work with that is local to them and that will have a meaningful impact.  A portion of sales of Doom Boy Lager will support Ohneganos, an organization led by Hamilton's McMaster University and Global Water Futures with the goal of developing water security in Indigenous communities through a co-creation of western science and Indigenous knowledge. 

The project will use an innovative research framework informed by the Indigenous partners to facilitate sharing and integration of contemporary science and Indigenous and Local Knowledge. Building capacity to monitor source waters with environmental sensors, we will investigate ecosystem health and the cause of health issues related to contaminated water, design inclusive poly-centric decision-making models for water governance, and develop appropriate place-based sustainable solutions.

For more information and to subscribe to their new YouTube channel please click the links below:

Ohneganos YouTube Channel

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