Super Light - IPA
Super Light - IPA
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Super Light - IPA

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We've been toying with the idea of an extra light alcohol beer for some time now. Something that you can session in the hot sun, at the cottage or really any time or location that you prefer to drink your beer. The idea was to create something that still boasted nice body and delivered on big fruity hop flavour and aromatics. We took a grist containing lots of protein heavy malts including flaked and malted oats, layered in waves of Mosaic hops and Super Light IPA was born. It clocks in at 2.5% (130 cal.) and is the answer to our beer prayers. It drinks super easy and finishes dry, but doesn't skimp on substance with tangerine and lime leading the way in the aroma and flavour department. Here just in time for the long weekend, it's available now online and at the brewery.

Can art by Nicole Schultz
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