Coastal Waters - IPA
Coastal Waters - IPA
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Coastal Waters - IPA

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IPA w/ Pacific Sunrise, Citra and Amarillo hops.  Brewed in collaboration with Frank and Oak in support of the David Suzuki Foundation

AROMA Freshly squeezed tangerines, zested orange peel and a lovable combination of ruby red grapefruit and pomelo

APPEARANCE Bright hazy yellow with a super fun and fluffy white head.

FLAVOUR Suuuuper fresh, perfectly ripe tangerine, freshly squeezed orange juice, with the very welcome kick of mango and lemon.  Awesome.

MOUTHFEEL Medium bodied and smooth, medium carbonation

This beer is quite exciting for us, not only because of the collaboration with Frank and Oak and donation to the David Suzuki Foundation, but we were lucky enough to get our hands on a new hop (to us) called Pacific Sunrise.  Our new pals Crosby Hops, (who are a certified B corporation!!) hooked us up huge with a hop they're really excited about.  Pacific Sunrise comes alllll the way from New Zealand and is giving us some serious warm weather vibes with its huge tangerine/lemony citrus flavours and aroma.  Enjoy!
6.2% abv
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