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 17/14 oz - $7.00 // 5 oz - $2.50
Square Wheels - IPA - 6.2% - 17oz
Hazy, smooth, and bursting with hop aroma. Big flavours of pineapple with undertones of grapefruit. A must when visiting Town Brewery for the first time!
Outside Jokes - Pale Ale - 5% - 17oz
Hazy and juicy pale ale featuring Sultana and Citra hops with flavours of 
orange peel, pineapple juice, and slight floral notes.
Later Days - Dunkel Lager - 5%
Huge flavours of bread crust, slight toffee, and chestnuts. 
Cozy, warm and naturally carbonated. We seriously cannot get enough!
Early Hours - Porter w/ Coconut & Vanilla
TONS of creamy milk chocolate with the assertive cocoa flavour of bakers chocolate.  A tummy hug of toasted coconut and vanilla with little to no roasty flavours.
Concrete Convertible - Session Sour Ale - 4.5% - 14oz
Anniversary Collab w/ Left Field
Fermented with the ultimate juice-making yeast (Hydra) from again, our buds at Escarpment Labs and it absolutely drinks like a quick glug of grapefruit/orange juice straight out of the carton (Use a glass next time, will ya?!).
Double Vision Quest - DIPA - 8.2% - 14oz
Anniversary Collab w/ Collective Arts
Huge amounts of pineapple, lime, orange juice and pine on the sip, and aromatic orange zest and light pine on the nose.  Nice.
Quick One - Light Beer - 4% - 17oz
Pours a light gold and boasts a restrained but present spicy hop profile. At the end of the day, it's uncomplicated and delicious.
Donny - Stout - 5.5% - 17oz
 Luxurious dark chocolate, smooth caramel and rich, flavourful cold-brewed coffee.
Simple Easy - Sour w/ Mint, Lime, and Juniper - 6% - 14oz

Taking inspiration from an eclectic gin cocktail - The Southside, Simple Easy is incredibly refreshing, downright sour and dances on the palate with pronounced flavours of lime, mint and a subtle hint of juniper.  Tastes like sunshine, smiles and tasty gin cocktails.

Astro Ever After - Mosaic IPA - 7.2%

Big, bold and juicy with massive aromas of blueberries, peaches, orange zest and pine.

Left Field - Disco Demolition Night - DIPA - 7.8%
East Street - Landmark Dry Cider - 6% - $6.50/Can (GF & Vegan)
A classic, dry cider with a refreshing, vibrant palate. Made with a special blend of 100% Ontario-grown apples.
East Street - Harvest Botanical - 6% - $6.50/Can (GF & Vegan)
An infusion of rose hips, hibiscus, lemongrass, orange peel, and a hint of cinnamon.
East Street - Snow Day - 5.9% - $6.50/Can (GF & Vegan)
Sugar plum spice cider with cardamom, hibiscus, chai, cinnamon, and ginger.
L’Orangeraie - Rosé - 12.5% - $7.50/6oz
Rosewood - Looking Glass - Red - $10/6oz
Rosewood - Follow the White Rabbit - White - $9/6oz
Soft Baked Pretzel - $6
Cheese-stuffed pretzel with a mild hint of jalapeno served with grainy IPA mustard.
Guacamole & Chips - $6 (GF)
Smooth and creamy guacamole served with a basket of yellow corn tortilla chips.
STUSH Patties - 2 for $10
Handmade Jamaican-style patties from STUSH located in Toronto, ON. Local ingredients and full of flavour!
Choose from 3 delicious flavours:
Stewed Beef - Delicious beef brisket stewed in our Donny Stout
Jerk Chicken - Jerk marinated chicken thigh stewed to perfection 
Lentil & Veggie (Vegan Friendly) - A perfect blend of organic lentils, veggies, and spices
Coke/Diet Coke/Ginger Ale/Soda Water (CANS) - $1.50
DAD'S Rootbeer (BOTTLE) - $2.50
BUD Zero - $5
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