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Outside Jokes - Pale Ale - 5%
Hazy and juicy pale ale featuring Sultana and Citra hops with flavours of 
orange peel, pineapple juice, and slight floral notes.

Square Wheels - IPA - 6.2%
Hazy, smooth and bursting with hop aroma. Big flavours of pineapple with undertones of grapefruit.
Cosmic Love - Passionfruit & Raspberry Sour Ale - 5%
 Riding a heavy wave of passionfruit on a surfboard made of raspberries under bright lemony sunshine.  A smile in a glass!

Science Water - Raspberry & Green Tea Seltzer - 5%
This light-bodied, high carbonated seltzer gives off notes of muddled raspberries, fresh pressed raspberry juice, and unsweetened iced green tea. Super refreshing!

Memories of Now - Cranberry & Chocolate Baltic Porter - 10%
Really cake-y, almost like black forest cake but with cranberries.  The fruit adds a really chill refreshing tartness that works sooooo nicely with the chocolate.  For a giant 10% beer, it drinks extremely smooth (as a result of the lager yeast and aging time). 

Magic Bus - Triple Berry Sour - 5%
A smoothie-like sour with juice notes of blackberry, blueberry, and raspberry. A touch of lemon juice adds the acidity to tie this sour all together!

Double Square Wheels - 8.5%
We start slow with the tangy, but nostalgic taste of fresh squeezed orange juice.  As we move along, we ride a wave of thick emulsified pineapple, right before switching gears and diving into a tub of the intense taste of mango puree.  As it washes over, it's passionfruit's time to shine.

Wormburner - IPA - 6.9%
 A mixed bag of fresh berries; tons of blueberry, heaps of strawberry, pulpy orange juice, and ripe concord grape with a touch of green tea.


Soft Baked Pretzel - $5 

Cheese stuffed pretzel with a mild hint of jalapeno served with grainy IPA mustard.

Guacamole & Chips - $5

Smooth and creamy guacamole served with a basket of yellow corn tortilla chips.

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